Few words about us…

The action started in the early 1980s after an idea of the founding members to deal firstly with the production of kiwifruit and subsequently with its sorting and trading. Originally activated as Kiwi Fruit and dealt exclusively with kiwi. From 1995 and onwards, renamed to Kakosimos Farm and the business expanded its operation to citrus fruits. The owners company not only cultivate an area of 150 acres of kiwifruit generated nearly 600.000 kilos of personal production which they export, but also they buy other producers’ fruits in order to export them as well.

Today the company facilities cover an area of approximately 5.000m2, fully equipped with modern technology that meets the required needs for sorting, storage and packaging products, according to worldwide standards. Refrigerating facilities provide the ability to store 700.000 kilos of fruits in perfect quality as long as the season demands.