This year is a milestone in the business evolution, since it signals the starting date of productivity activities. In that specific period of time, 50 acres of kiwi fruit have been cultivated, which constitutes a particularly innovative action for the existing situation in the area that period.


A new investment with a second sorting line takes place in order to keep up with the technological needs of that period. Furthermore, the new refrigerating facilities give the opportunity to increase the amount of kiwis stored in the refrigerators. 


Before the end of the decade and while the cultivation is still flourishing, the need for a packaging and standardization unit is being born, which takes its form by the end of that year. The first steps regarding kiwi fruit exports are now a fact for the business with the trade mark Kiwi Fruit which is the first kiwi sorting unit in Arta.


The establishment of the rising course and the vertical integration of production of the business, seals with the cultivation of 100 new acres of kiwis, which promise to give the upcoming years a total production of 600 tones.


The first important investment regards the expansion of the sorting unit, while refrigerating facilities are being constructed. Now, as Kakosimos Farm exporting activity widens rapidly.


The continuously developing technology and the new challenges formed in the market due to competition, brings the company to the threshold of a new technological investment.