Production, Sorting, Packaging, Storage, Exports

Welcome to Kakosimos Farm official website. Our firm specializes in production, sorting, packaging and distribution of kiwifruit and citrus based in Agios Spyridon, Arta, Hellas. The climatic conditions of our region as well as the soil characteristics are suitable for the production of high-quality fruits with nutritional value.

Kakosimos Farm main concern is its customer needs. That’s why it emphasizes on products quality and trying consistently to ensure products integrity to the final destination. With dedication to customer demands, the company guarantees excellent quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The storage facilities combined with the production and sorting standards that are used, ensure the perfect products maintenance until they reach the final consumer. The ultimate purpose is to implement the whole process from production till distribution. As we just say from field to shelf. For this reason all the techniques used guarantee high quality products.

Through the 30-year-plus presence in fruits trading and distribution, we have developed a reliable network of partners both in Hellenic and international market.